Cayo Coco Bone Fish Dojo

I’m sitting the cafeteria on the main corridor leading to the buffet and I can’t help but observe the parade of soft lard Ump-a-Lumpas wobbling past my table toward the warming trays of bad food.   It’s an overwhelming majority of Canadian ladies with bad tattoos, floppy white fish belly arm backs (anatomically "triceps") waddling with … Continue reading Cayo Coco Bone Fish Dojo

Convicted Gun Dealer on the Lam

South of the frenetic Tulum there is a vicious potholed drive through a protected biosphere to DIY fishing flats with crocodiles and barracuda.  The road is so bad I fear I might take out my exhaust or oil pan slamming through the Volkswagen sized divots in the road so I attempt to bail at the … Continue reading Convicted Gun Dealer on the Lam

RV Live’n and Poop’n

Confining a person to sleep, defecate and eat bad food in a confined space with other inmates is used as punishment for crimes against society.  It's only when you're standing atop of Maslow's pyramid that you choose this kind of punishment as a vacation. In advertisements for RVing they promise joy, freedom and adventure.  In … Continue reading RV Live’n and Poop’n