New Zealand South Island

Self-centered, uninterested and ignorant would be adjectives to describe me as I made my way through Christchurch thinking how run down and poorly kept the city looks to my Canadian standards.  I'm totally daft in recalling that the city was nearly wiped out by a earthquake in 2011.  It has taken it upon itself to … Continue reading New Zealand South Island


F*ck. Lost a rod to the ceiling fan. This is an amateur move made worse in that a moment before I was like, “Ha! better not get my rod caught in the fan. Wouldn’t that be a loser move.” One second later, “Snap! Crackle! F*ck!” I take pride in traveling light with a minimalist approach … Continue reading Xcalak

RV Live’n and Poop’n

Confining a person to sleep, defecate and eat bad food in a confined space with other inmates is used as punishment for crimes against society.  It's only when you're standing atop of Maslow's pyramid that you choose this kind of punishment as a vacation. In advertisements for RVing they promise joy, freedom and adventure.  In … Continue reading RV Live’n and Poop’n

Florence and the Machine

Florence, Italy.  No offspring in tow.  Sweet! Florence is jammed with tourists during these summer months.  More precisely, tourists wielding selfie sticks battling for the ultimate shot that will blow up the interweb.   The most popular pose seems to be the pouty lippy sexy one that says, "Oh me? Ya, just chilling with Michelangelo's David. … Continue reading Florence and the Machine

Best Meal Ever.

Nice to Meat You Argentina. I'm not a foodie, I'm more of a fooder. Foodies know what wine to pair with their aubergine.  I don't know the difference between a Shiraz or Camembert Souvenir. I mostly base my wine selection on label graphics and price. In a silly quest for great food I've done some … Continue reading Best Meal Ever.